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How Files2U works


Files2U is a FREE web portal that allows you to send large files to anyone with an email address without having to worry about the restrictions of email attachments or slow FTP connections. Files2U uses file transfer acceleration technology made by File transfers will typically be 3-10 times faster when FileCatalyst TransferAgent app is used to upload or download the files from Your files are transferred SECURELY from your browser using encryption. Files2U is a simple, fast and safe way to send large files over the web. Your data always remains private and only recipients that have the download link can access your files.

Here's how it works:

The Sender...

  1. Fills out a form, specifying their own contact information, recipient email address(es) and optional text message.
  2. Clicks "Upload Files".
  3. Selects files to upload and clicks on Upload Files button to start the file transfer process. Up-to 40 files taking up-to 6GB in total can be sent at once. To send more files, another transaction will have to be created.
  4. Optionally installs FileCatalyst TransferAgent file transfer acceleration app or just simply uses the basic HTML upload.
  5. Receives email notifications after the file(s) are sent and also after recipients download the files.

Note: Files will be maintained on the server for 72 hours before being automatically deleted.

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The Receiver...

  1. Gets an email with a link containing the tracking number indicating that a file package is waiting for download.
  2. Clicks on the link to the download page and enters the PIN provided in the email.
  3. Optionally installs FileCatalyst TransferAgent file transfer acceleration app or just simply uses HTTP links to download the files.

Once the files have been downloaded, the original sender is notified via email that the transaction is complete.

Receive Files Now!

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